Proposed Outings and Events for 2016

Proposed Outings for 2016
Below are the proposed outings for 2016. There are both monthly weekend and mid-week outings however volunteers are called to lead mid-week outings. Please contact me if you feel you could help out.
Please note that NOT ALL Saturday outings fall on the first weekend of the month; some have been changed to avoid school and public holidays and some have been changed to avoid clashes with our current display responsibilities.  

There has been an effort made to arrange two weekends away for 2016 however they have not taken the place of the ‘regular’ monthly outing.  Further details will be available c. 2 months before these weekends – for examples details of price etc. Hopefully they will be supported by membership.

There is also the opportunity for a camp out at Charlie Moreland; although it is possible just to come along to the site as an outing.
I have decided to persist with the ‘Twitchathon Option’ for the October outing however it will be a full day’s birding rather than a ‘full on’ twitch. Even though it may not fall on the exact same weekend as the joint Birdlife Australia and Birds Queensland event, we will still be able to contribute and raise money for the same cause. Only a handful of people contributed in 2015 but the feedback was positive.

Plans exist at this stage to continue contributing to an ‘outreach effort’ at both the Maleny Wood Expo and the Nambour Garden Event however due to costs and time investment I’m wondering whether these options are worth continuing in the mid to long term. Both events are in 2016 three day events and finding people to volunteer is difficult. Numbers of new members have been minimal. Having said that any exposition of birds, birding and bird conservation is better than none… Perhaps we should consider what other strategies exist to attract membership growth and public knowledge and awareness of birds?

An opportunity to do that, though, is Birdlife’s Bird in Backyards promotion. Hopefully with advance notice we can offer to do more here on the Sunshine Coast.

Our photo competition through Facebook has been very successful with many members reaching and exceeding photographing 200 Australian Bird species throughout the year. For 2016, at the risk of offending some current participants, I plan to limit the geographic area of photo taking to the Sunshine Coast and, again, re-establish the emphasis on quantity rather than quality. For those unaware of the ‘competition’; it is a Facebook Group page [which will be re-named Sunshine Coast Birdlife 2016]. Participants are encouraged to post pics of Sunshine Coast birds and title them with ONLY a number and the location. It is for other members to identify the bird species. Using this approach participants are encouraged to get as many ‘clicks’ for the year as possible [and folks will see as much of the Sunny Coast as possible]. Discussions on Bird Id hopefully will occur and members will also learn of new birding locales.

Our blog has slipped a little of late [my fault] however I would like to encourage a little more traffic to the site this year. To do that I need more content. I encourage members to offer [hopefully] illustrated short articles on their favourite birding locations around the Sunshine Coast, pics of uncommon species seen, pics of nesting species, accounts of birding trips elsewhere, conservation issues, etc etc – in short if there is a birding, natural history or conservation story of interest to you please share it to me and I can ‘whack it on our blog / website’.

Finally if you have any other suggestions about how our local sub-branch of Birdlife can help your ‘birding life’ please make suggestions to me.

Ken Cross
Saturday outing - 6 February 2016 
New Site - Bli Bli Area – Meet at Muller Park, across the Maroochy River from the Bli Bli IGA Shopping Centre at 7am. Leader – Ken Cross.  We will begin by having a stroll around this area before reducing the number of vehicles and visiting a few sites in and around Finland Road. This is an area of wetlands, grasslands, melaleuca woodlands with a corresponding good mix of species. It is usually particularly good for raptors in addition to grassland species such as Golden-headed Cisticola and Tawny Grassbird. There is an option to hang around for a breakfast BBQ after bird call at Muller Park.

Wednesday Outing – 17 February 2016
Baroon Pocket Dam – South Side – Access from Maleny - Meet at 8am. Leader – John Malings

Saturday outing - 5 March 2016
Baroon Pocket Dam – North Side – Access from Montville – Meet at 7am. Leader – Ken Cross
We will go for a short stroll along the trail into the rainforest before returning and checking out some of the more open areas adjacent to the dam wall as well as the dam itself. The walk is part of the Blackall Range Great Walk and is beautiful – even without birds! 

Wednesday Outing – 16 March 2016
Wappa Dam – Meet at 8am. Leader – Vince Lee
Wappa Dam has a reasonable variety of birds in and around the park. The dam holds a variety of waterbirds including Great Crested Grebes and occasionally Cotton Pygmy Geese. There have been records of vagrant species such as Musk Duck. Adjacent to some of the creeks entering the dam Black Bittern has been recorded. Nankeen Night-heron is often seen roosting in a large Fig tree adjacent to the toilet block.

Weekend excursion to Lockyer Valley and Gatton 18, 19, 20 of March, 2016.
Depart Nambour at 5-30pm and arrive at Motel in Ipswich at approx. 8pm. Meal at Ipswich. Saturday [19 March] Birding day trip to Lockyer Valley and Gatton. Sunday return to Nambour birding enroute.  Expected cost c.$140 [accommodation and transport but dependent on participation]

Saturday outing - 9 April 2016 -   Toorbul [and Bribie Island] - Farewell to the Waders. Leader/ s - Ken Cross   * Please note change of date!!
MORNING OUTING - Meet at 8am at park opposite general store. Remember to visit the Lagoon on the way in for Brolgas and perhaps other waders. We may travel to the north end first for Mangrove Kingfisher, Mangrove Gerygone etc before heading to the southern end for the waders. Morning High tide is at xxx. Possible extension to Bribie Island following bird call.

Wednesday Outing – 20 April 2016
Meet at Mapleton Falls National Park at 8am for a walk through the variety of forest types within this short walk. Leader – Burnie Collins

Maleny Wood Expo – April 30 [sat] to May 2 [mon] -9am – 5pm daily

Saturday outing – 14 [ and 15] May 2016 - Charlie Moreland, Conondales.
NB – Note different date for this outing in May!!
Meet at 8am at the Charlie Moreland Day Use area for an exploration of some of surrounding Conondale Forest. PLEASE stay for a camp out at the adjacent camping area. BYO food and drink. Enjoy more birding in the afternoon and some spotlighting after dinner for Owls, Nightjars, Frogmouths, Pademelons, Bandicoots, Possums and more. Each member is responsible for booking a camp spot at the following web address;
Leader – Ken Cross

Wednesday Outing – 18 May 2016
Meet at 8am at Ferntree National Park [between Nambour and Yandina] – exact location to be advised. Leader – Vince Lee

Saturday outing - 4 June 2016 - 8am - Lake MacDonald - Noosa Botanical Gardens, and Jabiru Park/Fearnley Birdhide    Leader - Russ Lamb Meet at the car park at the Noosa Botanical Gardens. 

Wednesday Outing – 15 June 2016 – Park Lakes Bli Bli
Meet adjacent to the park at Park Lakes at 8am. Leader – Paul Jensen or John Kooistra

Nambour Garden Expo – 8, 9, 10 July.

Saturday outing – July 16* 2016 - 8am - (NEW) Maleny Golf Course Walk  NB – Note different date for this outing
Meet at 8am at the Maleny Golf Course, park opposite the Toilet block [up the hill from the club house].  Leader – Ken Cross
The walk is approximately 3.5 kilometres and travels through a range of natural and revegetated sites and circles the golf course. This is a new walk which should record a good variety of species. As it features many re-vegetated areas it will be interesting to see how and if bird lists change as the vegetation develops.

Wednesday Outing – 20 July 2016
Meet at Petrie Park in Nambour at 8am for a short walk through the Petrie Creek re-vegetation area. This area in the heart of Nambour has undergone much change over the last decade due to a band of folks keen on re-vegetation. Many Camphor Laurels have been removed and replaced with native species. Look out for platypus in the creek!
Leader – Vince Lee or John Thompson

August Outing – 6 August 2016 – Mooloolah River Walk
Meet at 8am - From Mooloolah Connection Rd turn north into South River Dr, cross over TW Hamilton bridge over river and park is on right,  park on road side adjacent, the grass at the start of the walk is normally wet with dew so wear suitable footwear. The path continues along river bank to Old Gympie Rd where we turn around . Normally good showings of Kingfishers, Cuckoos, Finches, Wrens and various Honeyeaters.        Leader – Ken Cross

Wednesday Outing – 17 August 2016
Meet at 8am for a walk at Ewan Maddock Dam. 
Take Tunnel Ridge Rd from Landsborough (or Mooloola ) and turn into Kowald Rd (top of hill ) follow down hill (dirt road ) and park at the junction with the fire trail, do not go to the end of Kowald Rd which goes right at the junction as some people have done in previous years !  Map attached - Meet at Red Dot
Leader – John Malings

August Weekend Away! Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach [accommodated ] 19, 20 ,21 August
Leader - Ken Cross [Details to be announced]

Saturday outing - September 3 2016 - 7am - (NEW)Tewantin area birding
 Leader/ s - Ken Cross and Russ Lamb – Meet at Lake McDonald at 7am before car pooling to visit some birding sites within the greater area.

Wednesday Outing – 14 September 2016
Meet at Point Cartwright at 8am for a walk around this headland. The Exact meeting place to be advised. The headland boasts a small remnant forest with an interesting range of species; most notably Fairy Gerygone. This species is difficult to see however as it stays high in the canopy. It will respond to pishing to some degree. The rocks surrounding the headland occasionally host such species as Sooty Oystercatcher, Eastern Reef Egret and the migrant Wandering Tattler. Look skyward for Osprey, Kites and the occasional White-breasted Sea-Eagle. Look seawards for Pied Cormorant and perhaps some late Gannets.
Leader – John Kooistra
Please meet at the car park opposite 4-5 Harbour Parade

Saturday outing – October 1 - 7am – All Day Twitch!
Meet in Nambour Petrie Park at 7am and finish at 6pm at the Royal George Hotel in Nambour. The idea here is to meet and arrange teams to try to see / hear as many species as possible in a full day's birding within the Sunshine Coast area. Participation fee a $20 donation to aid bird study / conservation.
Meet in Petrie Park at the Black Dot!!

Wednesday Outing – 19 October 2016
Meet at the Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary at 8am for a walk through the forest and mangroves. The sanctuary hosts a good variety of species including specialities such as Mangrove Gerygone and perhaps the highly sought after Lewin’s Rail. Leader – Vince Lee or John Malings
Bilai Environmental Education at Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary

Saturday outing - November 5 - 2016
Meet at 7-30am at the Peachester Hall for tag-a-long to the Cove Road, Stanmore area. This outing travels through a great mix of habitats and, as such, a good mix of species should be encountered. The outing should take several hours and there will be an opportunity to extend the morning’s birding towards the township of Kilcoy.   Leader - Ken Cross
Peachester Hall

Wednesday Outing – 16 November 2016
Meet at Buderim Forest Park near Harry’s Restaurant at 8 am for a walk through this beautiful area.
Leader – John Malings
Buderim Forest Park

Saturday outing – December 3 2016  - Final outing!
Meet at 7am – Mapleton National Park & BBQ Brunch    Leader - Ken Cross 
Meet at the Lilyponds at Mapleton before a drive to a chosen Mapleton site for a walk. Return to the Lilyponds for a birdcall and BBQ brunch.

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